Best Recharge Apps in India – Pay Bills Online, Recharge, Send Payments and More

We are going to see the Best Recharge Apps that you can try for recharging your phone or paying bills or sending payments. Everything is now on the internet. Gone are the days to recharge vouchers. Recharges can be done super quick using recharge apps. It literally takes seconds to recharge your phone or even to pay bills online like electricity bills or phone bills.

There are tons of applications available for recharging and bill payments. We are going to see some of the best recharge apps that you should definitely try if you haven’t already. There are some really popular ones and then there are some really good apps that are less heard of.

Best Recharge App of 2018

We will be checking each and every aspects of recharge apps and to find the best recharge app for 2018. There are many aspects which makes an app or service better than the other and some of these features or aspects will be susceptible to personal views as well.

You can recharge your phone with any amount you want online and also you can see and choose the plans available for the operator too. You don’t have to go to a mobile store to recharge your phone when you can do it online with a few clicks. Moreover, most of the recharge apps also support bill payments were you can pay BSNL landline bills (other operators are also supported), pay electricity bills online, pay water and gas bills, recharge you DTH and more.

All you need to do is to login to any of the application and then fill in your details and make the payment.

Online Recharges and Payment – Safe?

Now this is where people become sceptical. Are online payments safe? Will I lose my money? Will my account be hacked into? Tons of questions start popping in your head. All the payments are made through highly secure ways which ensures that the money is not lost or your account gets compromised.

You just need to be vigilant about your bank and card details and never share these details with anyone. Also make sure sensitive information like PIN or OTP should never be shared with anybody else. You can always use Encrypted Emails providers to secure your emails.

Best Mobile Recharge Apps with Offers

One of the main reason why people prefer recharging online using mobile recharge applications is convenience. It super convenient to make recharges online. You just need to select the number and then select and plan and then make the payment. Its super easy to recharge any number be it your friend who need an urgent recharge or your parent’s phone who needs data to check their WhatsApp groups.

The next reason why people prefer recharging using mobile recharging applications is Offers. Yes, it is a big factor which brought more people under the umbrella of these kinds of apps. Mobile recharge apps tend to offer lots of cashbacks and offers which the users can refuse.

I myself recharges my phone using these recharge apps and most of the time I get a good deal on recharges. I haven’t done an offline recharge in like 6 years. It’s always been through recharge apps or website. The preferred applications seem to change every now and then based on how much I like them. It should be the case with most users. If you find a better service or app, you tend to shift to that application.

Best Recharge App in India

Now let’s get into the app showdown. We are going to see some of the best recharge apps for India. The list is not arranged in any particular order. We will be looking in to the features of applications like its UI, features, usability etc.

When it comes to recharge apps in India here are the most sort out ones:

#1. PhonePe

PhonePe is not just a recharge app. It comes with tons of features and is super easy to use. This is my go to application for any kind of recharges. PhonePe is now under the Flipkart bandwagon from 2016. The app was first launched in the year 2015 and within this short time span, they managed to grow their user base to millions. It is among the most used payments app in India.

The most interesting thing about PhonePe was that it was among some of the first applications to integrate UPI (Unified Payments Interface) in partnership with Yes Bank Limited

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. PhonePe is only accessible via the application (there is no PhonePe website where you can do recharges).

You get the following option in PhonePe:

  1. Recharge Mobiles (Pre-paid and Post-paid).
  2. Recharge DTH.
  3. Pay Electricity Bills Online.
  4. Pay Credit Card Bills.
  5. Pay Landline and Broadband bill.
  6. Pay your Gas and Water subscription charges.
  7. Pay your Insurance premium.
  8. Buy Google Play recharge codes.
  9. Book Cabs, Buses, Hotels Online.
  10. Send and Receive Payments (Bank to Bank).
  11. Pay amount on any UPI/PhonePe supported websites.

That is a long list of things you can do on PhonePe. You would just need this single app to get away with all your payments online. The best thing is that since UPI is integrated to the application, you can make payments very easily directly from your bank account. There is no need to enter you ATM card details and wait for the OTP. Payments can be made swiftly and securely. UPI is regulated by National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI).

PhonePe is having a very usable and functional User Interface. Everything is marked properly and navigating the app is a breeze. The looks new and fresh. There is nothing you would dislike about the application. Everything is in the reach of two clicks. Whether its recharging or paying bills, you can use the app very easily since it is having a really user friendly design. Even if you feel like you are not a techy person, you can easily get away with the app pretty easily.

If you haven’t signed up for PhonePe,  Here is a chance to get upto Rs.1000 on your First UPI transaction**.

#2. Paytm

Paytm is the most used and widely popular application. It was founded back in 2010 and revolutionized the whole payments industry with their services. It offers a ton of features apart from normal phone recharges. Paytm has even started the Paytm Payments Bank which opens up a whole new level of opportunities in the payments industry.

Paytm, unlike PhonePe is accessible via their website and also through the application. The services they offer ranges from recharges to booking flights to buying stuffs online. Paytm also has the Paytm Mall marketplace which is a very successful ecommerce website where you can buy all kinds of things like Mobile Phones , Best Power Banks or Best Wireless Earphones etc and also get cashbacks for your purchase to your Paytm wallet. These cashbacks can then be used to recharge or shop again.

Services Offered by Paytm:

  1. Mobile Recharges.
  2. Recharge DTH.
  3. Pay Electricity and Phone Bills.
  4. Buy Gold.
  5. Recharge Metro cards.
  6. Book movie tickets,trains, hotels, flights, concerts and more.
  7. Shop Online through Paytm Mall.
  8. Send and Receive Money.
  9. Pay Local Merchants.
  10. Foreign Exchange.
  11. Pay with Paytm wallet in supported websites and stores.

If you need a one stop for all kinds of services, then Paytm is the way to go. Since it has tons of options and features, it can be little confusing to use when compared to PhonePe which is dead straight. Paytm also has the UPI feature and so making payments is hassle free once you set it up.

The User Interface of the application is very attractive. You can navigate to all the sections pretty easily. The only place where I found that there is room for improvement is the Payment options page which looks very cluttered.

#3. FreeCharge

FreeCharge came in to the world of online recharges with a bang. They showered in tons of offers and cashback during the initial period and hence was able to create a huge user base. The journey however was no that smooth for FreeCharge. SnapDeal acquired FreeCharge in 2015 for a whopping $400 Million bid. But as SnapDeal started to tumble and slowly fade out from the online ecommerce space, SnapDeal sold the company to Axis Bank in the year 2017 for only $60 Million.

FreeCharge has also started UPI payments on the app which makes it very easy to send and receive money or pay bills or recharge phones. It also offers its services via their website. The App has very simple interface which attracted me a lot during those good old days. I used FreeCharge a lot previously. They also have a website for all these services, in case you are not an app person.


FreeCharge also has a bunch of services under its sleeve:

  1. Send and Receive money using UPI.
  2. Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Recharges.
  3. Pay Electricity Bills, Landline bills and more.
  4. Recharge your Data card and DTH.
  5. Google Play Recharges.
  6. Mutual Fund Investments.
  7. Pay using Wallet in supported websites.

FreeCharge application is very easy to use without any clutter. The UI is super simple and navigating the application is not a problem at all. Doing a recharge or sending money is very easy on the app.

Quick Tip: You can link your FreeCharge wallet in PhonePe and access the amounts seamlessly in PhonePe.

#4. Amazon Pay

Amazon introduced recharges using Amazon Pay not long ago. If you the kind of person who shops on Amazon a lot, then you could make use of the recharge and bill payments feature in Amazon Pay the most. You can recharge you phone or pay household bills directly from Amazon App or website.

Amazon Pay balance and gift cards can be used to recharge your phones. This is really a blessing because you don’t really have to download or install an app or register on a website just for the sake of recharging your phone, you can do that right from your Amazon account.

You can:

  1. Recharge you Prepaid or Postpaid Mobile.
  2. Pay for DTH.
  3. Pay your Electricity and Landline Bills.
  4. Pay your Gas bills.
  5. Use Amazon Pay to make payment in supported website and stores.

For those who shop a lot on Amazon, they tend to keep their Amazon Pay wallets loaded. So for a quick recharge, you just have to enter the phone number, the amount and click on recharge. No need for entering card details or pin, you can directly utilize your Amazon Pay balance for the payment.

#5. Tapzo

Tapzo was formerly Helpchat is a service aggregator app that has a lot of services under its hood. It has over 35 apps aggregated into a single app. You can do multiple with this single app without having to download and install different apps for different purposes.

If you need to recharge and also book cabs or order food online, you can do all that from the Tapzo app without actually having to download different apps for these different services. With Tapzo you can basically do all kinds of stuff online.

Features of Tapzo:

  1. Recharge you phone, Data Card or DTH.
  2. Pay Household bills.
  3. Books cabs.
  4. Order Food Online.
  5. Flight booking, Bus ticket booking and Hotel bookings.
  6. Find deals and offers near you.

You can get multiple services from the single app which saves you space on your phone. The app is pretty cool and easy to navigate. Everything is arranged in a nice and simple way without any clutter. You can also check for coupons and get cashback on your transactions. There is a separate offers section where you will be able to find all the latest offers on the app.

#6. Niki

Niki is an AI assistant which can assist you doing things like recharges or paying bills. You can just chat to Niki and it will help you out with your query. For example, to recharge you phone, you could just say that “I need to recharge my phone” or “I need to recharge 94XXXXXXXX with Rs.399 plan” and it will identify your request and help you out with that.

It is actually really good. I have tried few commands and they worked really well. In fact, I was surprised how well it worked.

Things you could do using Niki:

  1. Recharge you mobile.
  2. Pay Household Bills.
  3. Book Buses, Hotels, Movie and Event Tickets.
  4. Book Cabs, Laundry service.
  5. Get Offers near you.

Niki also offers a wide range of payment modes like PayPal, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, ATM cards, Pay Later and more. It is always convenient to have more payment options. When it comes to the interface, its dead simple. Once you set up the app, you just have a chat screen. You can just type in and get stuff done.

#7. Chillr

Chillr is a start-up app which brought multi bank payments to the table. The company was acquired by Truecaller a few months back. Chillr app requires you to link you bank account to do recharge or pay for bills. All transactions will be made directly from the bank account. The app supports 52 Indian banks and has full UPI integration.

You can easily send and receive money directly to your bank accounts or recharge you phone or pay your Electricity bills, Landline and Broadband bills and more.

Using Chillr App you can:

  1. Recharge Mobile Phones and Data Cards.
  2. Pay DTH, Electricity and Landline Bills.
  3. Pay Gas and Water Bills.
  4. Recharge BMS or Ola Wallets.
  5. Pay Insurance Premium.
  6. Send and Receive Money to bank accounts.
  7. Online Ticket Bookings are yet to be functional on the platform.

One thing I notices while using the app is that we need to link the bank account to make any kind of transaction on the app. I couldn’t find a way to use my ATM card to recharge. But yeah… it is way easier to use UPI for transactions and also its 100% secure.

The app is super simple and well build. With fewer options, you can easily find your way through the app. Everything is well arranged. The app is highly user friendly.

Best App for DTH Recharge

I would say that all the apps that we have mentioned above helps the users to recharge their Direct To Home (DTH) services without any issues. The fastest way to recharge your DTH would be using UPI as it is super fast. I personally use PhonePe for recharging the Airtel DTH connection that i have at my home. I got a few cashback when the app was first introduced and then tend to throw in some offers here and there which i try to utilize.

PhonePe will save your DTH card number and the previously recharged amount. This makes things way way simpler as i don’t even have to enter the customer number or viewing card number. I just need to make the payment.

I sometimes use Paytm aslo for recharging my DTH and you get the same convenience in Paytm also. You might be able to find some cashback offers on Paytm for recharges quite often. So if you need more offers on your recharges, make sure you  check Paytm for any offers before recharging.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of applications available to recharging your phone online or even paying your bills online. Here I have showcased few of the most used and better rated applications on Google Play Store.  I have spend my fair time with all these applications and  all of them has their own pros and cons.

Let me know which application you are using now and do share your thoughts on the article as well.


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