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Instagram++ Apk Download: Instagram – Among the most widely used social media platform which is used for sharing Photos and Videos. Instagram is very popular among all generations from young kids to older generations. Instagram was founded in the month of October, 2010 by Kevin Systrom. Later, Facebook bought Instagram in the year 2012 for $1 billion.

Instagram is widely used by Celebrities to Brands to market their products and engage with the users. It has over 800 million Monthly Active Users and millions of photos are posted daily on the Image Sharing Platform. Instagram hugely become popular for a single reason-it allowed to peek at the lives of other people. Humans in general are always admired  and inspired by other humans. People follow celebrities and famous personalities by which they are able to see how their personal lives are.  Instagram has a lot of good artists and creators who uses the platform to showcase their talent.

Instagram vs Instagram Plus

Instagram is available as application for both Android and iOS devices. The Instagram website allows us to login and see the feeds, but we will not be able to post photos from Desktop Website of Instagram. Instagram has added a tons of features lately and continues to wow its users with cool new features. Major update to the Instagram Platform was the addition of Instagram Status  feature (Insta Stories) where we can add cool videos or photos that will expire after 24 hours of posting it.Then we had Instagram Story Highlights were we can save our Insta stories to our profile.

But a group of people still think that the Instagram App is not so feature rich. They modded Instagram App to add more features which you don’t have in the original Instagram Application. These apps are called Instagram Mod Apps. Among some of the best Instagram Mods is Instagram Plus (Instagram +) Android application. We are going to see the features and how to download and setup Instagram++ Apk on our Android phones.

Throughout the post we might be referring Instagram Plus as Instagram+ or Instagram++ or Insta+. Please be noted that we are talking about the same application. This is done to make sure people get the idea that all these resolve to the same application.

Instagram++ Apk Features

  • Download Status Photos and Videos: We can easily download Instagram Stories of people we follow in just one click using the Download Status Feature. The images or status will be saved to our Phone. There is no way the other person will be able to know whether his or her status is being saved or not. You can download someone else’s Instagram story and then make it yours.
  • Download images from Instagram Feed : Similar to Instagram Stories, you can download any Image that is appearing on your Feed. Its just one click away. Tap the download button and the image will be saved to your phone.
  • Save Instagram Videos: Videos can also be saved to your phone like with images.
  • Enlarge Profile DP: Instagram doesn’t allow users to see the DP in full size. Only a small thumbnail of the image is shown. In Insta+ application we can click on the Instagram DP to enlarge the image and view it in larger size.
  • Auto play with Sound: Instagram videos play without Sound by default. In Insta+ application, Auto play with sound feature is there. This means that videos start playing with sound.
  • See if someone is following you on their profile page.

These are some of the notable features in the Instagram++ Apk for Android.


Instagram Plus Apk Details

Here are some details about the APk file for Instagram Plus. This will give you some insights on the application and its version.

App NameInstagram Plus
OSAndroid v4.0 and above
Last UpdatedOct 12, 2017

Instagram Plus Apk Download Latest Version

Download the Latest Update version of the Instagram++ ( Instagram Plus) apk from the below link.  There are tons of fake applications which are having similar names. Do not install them from any unknown sources as some might be harmful for your phone and might contain adware.

Download Instagram Plus apk with all the latest feature by Clicking on the Download Button.

How to Install Instagram+ on Android

Download the Instagram++ apk file from the above link.  Android will block installation of Apk from any external source by default. So you have to change the setting before installing the app. You might need to uninstall the original Instagram app if Instagram++ Apk is not installing.

  1. Check if Installation from Unknown Sources is allowed by going into Settings.
  2. Open the File Manager and open the Instagram++ apk file.
  3. Once installation is completed, Signup or Sign in with your Instagram account.
  4. Start enjoying the features of the new Instagram Plus Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not able to Install Instagram Plus apk.

If you are not able to install, Make sure you have checked if the Unknown sources option in the settings is checked. If installer is showing error, download the apk file again and try.

Is it safe to install to install Instagram Plus?

It is not an Official app from Instagram. It is a modded version of the Original App. It is provided by a 3rd party. Even though it seems to be safe and not reports against it have been received till now, we do not recommend installing it.

Is Instagram Plus available for Apple iPhone?

Unfortunately no! Only Android version is available right now.

Final Thoughts

Instagram Plus ( Instagram+) is a modded version of the Original Photo Sharing app Instagram. It comes with some added features which allows you to download images and videos directly from the application itself. It is not an official app, just to make things clear. the application showcases here is used by many users and never had any issues reported against the app.  As a word of caution, We don’t recommend installing any modded version of applications as some might have adware and malware injected in them.

This post is only for educational purposes. We are in no affiliated to any of the brands mentioned. All copyright and Trademarks belongs to their respective owners.


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